About Darwinism and Evolution
In summarize, I would like you to explain your chosen medium, if it is an article: what is its argument?; if it it a podcast: what are they covering, who is speaking, and why do you think they telling this story?; if it is a documentary or tv show: what is happening in the video, paint a picture of the scene, is there an argument or idea we are supposed to understand at the end of it?
In key concepts I want you to pull out of what you heard or read or watched some of the key concepts in the work that deal with our coursework. Please explain the key concepts as if I  hadn’t taken our class. Explain what that concept means clearly and tell me how specifically the media you engaged uses that  concept from our coursework. 
In analyze I would like you to write more extensively about your chosen medium: why did you choose it? Did our coursework help you better understand this content? Why and how? Do you agree with any arguments made in the piece? Do you have any concerns, ethical or otherwise about who is making the content or what arguments they put forward? Why do you think this content exists? How does it relate to anthropology? How might anthropologists use the content you have chosen in their work?
Format: The paper should be 12pt font, double spaced, with one inch margins, the title and header don’t have to include anything in particular except your name and the class title, you do not have to include a separate title page. 
Citation: You do not have to do in-text citations, but your paper should include a bibliography at the end where you cite whatever you watched, saw, listened to, and should also cite the course textbook, since that is most of where our shared discourse will be coming from. You can visit a citation machine site or see the style guide info attached below in order to see a reference on how to cite your works.

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