Exam 2

Our discussion this week is going to focus on globalization, There is a tendency in the corporate training market and talent development arena in the United States to be somewhat ethnocentric. For example, what companies come to mind when you think of corporate training vendors in the United States? You might think of Skillsoft, Fred Pryor, DDI, Franklin Covey, or a few others. But can you name the top five corporate training vendors in Europe? I will list them below, ranked by sales, and I would imagine that most of the class would only be familiar with the fifth name on the list.  1. City & Guilds Kineo  2. GP Strategies  3. MHI Global  4. NetDimensions  5. Skillsoft  So here is your assignment for this discussion. Explore the website of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI). The link is provided below. Identify one or two topics or concepts from the website and then share those with the class, and comment on how a Talent Development professional might use this information. And then ask your classmates a question if you like. You have quite a bit of flexibility in which direction you would like to take the discussion this week! I will give an example to start you off:  Notice that under the “Education Portal” heading, there is a link titled “MOOCs”. What are MOOCs, and what role do they play in talent development?  
Here is the link to EADI:  (Links to an external site.)https://www.eadi.org/

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Exam 2
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