Examine Cutting-Edge Technology

For this assignment, research cutting-edge technologies in the area of databases, data management, big data, business intelligence, cloud technology, etc. You should assume that you are presenting to the management group at your company, with the intention of having them adopt the technology for one of their products. If you do not currently work for an organization, you may develop a hypothetical situation.
Choose one cutting-edge technology and research it in depth. This technology mustbe cutting edge and, therefore, should not yet have wide adoption in industry.
Prepare a PowerPoint (or similar technology) presentation, in which you do the following:

Identify the new technology and provide a comprehensive discussion of the new technology’s functionality.
Discuss the new technology’s advantages and disadvantages. 
Discuss the evolution of the technology. Contrast its current functionality with the functionality of its predecessors.
Evaluate the new technology in terms of the business solutions that it would potentially address.

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Examine Cutting-Edge Technology
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In addition to your presentation, create a brief video in which you summarize your presentation for management. To create a video note, select the Record video option in the assignment submission area. You will need your webcam to complete this video. Press the New Recording button when you are ready to record your video note and the Stop Recording when finished. Click the Add button to include the video in your assignment submission. 
Support your presentation with at least five scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.
Length: 12-15 slides, not including title and reference slides
Speaker notes: 150-200 words per slide.


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