Extra Credit

This Extra credit assignment is available for those of you who feel that they want to benefit from additional points towards their final grade for the class.
I know that is is going to be difficult to visit any LTC care facilities at this time. If you you can then it would be great. Schedule a tour of a facility in your area {it could be an ALF or a Nursing Home} and document your experience, what you observe during your tour and what is one attractive aspect of Long Term Care that you have learned during your tour, or even from the class.
If you are not able to complete a tour,  then complete a research or look for any stories that highlights what is currently being done in the community to help Seniors battle the isolation that is forced upon them due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Give a quick summary of what you find, and say how you think it can continue to be implemented into LTC care facilities even when the pandemic is over to help Seniors stay connected and less isolated. 
2-3 paragraphs is sufficient. 

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