Federalism Discussion Question

1. Federalism Discussion Question (required).Explain the difference between the unitary, confederal, and federal systems of power-sharing. Give examples of countries practicing each type of the power-sharing system. What type of power-sharing system does the United States use today? What was the very first type of grants-in-aid provided by the federal government to states? Compare and contrast categorical grants and block grants. What problems are associated with the categorical grants? Why did the federal government introduce block grants? Why did block grants fail to result in considerable freedom and a lighter tax burden? Give examples for each type of grants-in-aid.Discuss in one or two paragraphs how the federal government and states share power/responsibility to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically indicate how the two governments have distributed their responsibilities according to the US Constitution. 2. Political Culture Discussion Forum (required)Identify the five main values/elements of the American political culture. Explain the meaning of each value. Show how these values shape our laws and influence our political and economic behavior.What are the main sources of these values, i.e. where do these values come from? Identify the major influences that have led to America’s distinctive way of thinking about politics.How deeply do these values resonate with you? List some of the things you have learned from this chapter about political cultures in other industrialized democracies, i.e. Japan, Sweden, France. What differences do you see in the cultures of the United States and other industrialized democracies? Identify and demonstrate a connection between a specific cultural value in Japan, Sweden or France and a policy/law in that country (In other words, demonstrate how the cultural values in Japan/Sweden/France shape their national laws/policies). Write at least about two foreign countries.I need you to answer each question carefully and mention question number 1 and then question number 2. each question should answer separately.

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Federalism Discussion Question
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