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This assignment is very important 

A Life review is a naturally occurring, universal process consisting of reminiscence, thinking about oneself, and a reconsideration of previous life experiences and their meaning. You will be doing a Life Review on an older adult (65 years or older), by interviewing them. This Life Review assignment can be done with a family member, a loved one, a friend etc. DO NOT ASK SOMEONE YOU DO NOT TRUST, I DO NOT WANT YOU UNCOMFORTABLE OR IN A COMPRIMISING SITUATION. Ultimately, I would love for you to interview someone you have a connection with and someone you would like to know more about (as long as they are 62+). 

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 The Final Life Review Paper should be 6-9 pages long (do not exceed 9 pages) and are due on the dates stated above. These submissions must be typed in Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced, and in APA (6th ed.) format with in-text citations and include a Title Page, Abstract, and Reference Page (Title, Abstract and Reference pages are not included in total page count). I will accept late papers; however, you will be penalized 7 points for each day it is late (unless you have an excused absence and provide documentation of the situation (such as doctors note, family issue, jury duty etc.), in which case, keep me in the loop. 

This is the final submission of this paper and must include The Interview (including the setting portion of your proposal), Theory Application, and Reflection. The Interview (4-6 pages): Please include the highlights from the “setting” portion of your Proposal with this portion of the paper, as you are telling the story of the life of an older adult, you want to give the reader a good amount of detail of their background. This section is written in paragraph format in descriptive writing form (example is provided on page below, along with recommendations for the interview). Application of Theory (1-2 pages): This portion allows you to coin learned course material to your interview. In this section, incorporate what you learned in class, into this interview. Please state and define the theoretical approach(s) you are using to analyze the interviewee. It is a good idea to describe the older adult’s wellness and capabilities at the time of interview. Show your understanding of course concepts’ in your application to the interviewee. Three citations necessary (any material presented in this course can be used), don’t forget: whenever you cite a source you need to give the appropriate APA reference. Reflection (1 page): Reflect on what you learned from this assignment. Address elements not only learned from the older adult, but also the interview processes and application of course concepts. Moreover, state what you learned from this writing process. Describe what you would have done different through this process and explain why. Also, briefly describe your own personal reactions associated with one’s own aging process. 

Possible Theories of Aging to use for your paper, please refer to your text and outside sources for more theories and or detailed information on these theories (pick at least 1): 

 Accumulative Waste Theory

 Activity and Continuity Theory 

 Aging-Clock Theory 

 Autoimmune Theory 

 Biology of Aging Theory 

 Cellular Theory 

 Disengagement Theory 

 Error Catastrophe Theory 

 Modernization Theory 

 Optimization with Compensation Theory 

 Wear-and-Tear Theory 

 World-we-have-lost Syndrome 

the full instruction is in the attachment

and the scrip/proposal is in the attachment as well 

this is the feedback from the professor regarding the scrip/proposal 

” Great job! Please add a question or 2 on    your grandma’s childhood as a life review spans tells one’s story from youth to present day. Great job, please proceed with your interview with the addition of the questions on childhood.”


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