FINAL paper for English 1B

English 1B: Final Writing Assignment
Over the course of the semester we have examined three genres of literature: fiction in the form of the short story, poetry, drama and modern drama. As the semester progressed hopefully one or more of the short stories, poems, or plays resonated with you in some way – enough so that you are now willing to devote the final weeks of the semester to a brief, but intense, examination of one or more of these works and/or their authors.
You have three options for your final paper:
Option #1
For a previous paper you selected a critical strategy from those presented in Chapter 47 and used that approach as the organizing strategy for a discussion of a play of your choice. Now that you have some working knowledge of one or more of these strategies, again select one and use it as a platform from which to launch an examination of a selected work other than the play you used for Writing Assignment #4
Option #2
Identify a consistent theme in two or more works by the same author and provide an in-depth analysis of that theme. You can, if you prefer, use one of the critical strategies from Option #1, however this is only one approach. The question you are answering is the significance of your selected theme to the author, his or her work and audience. Thus, you will want to consider “why” this theme appears and/or why it is important. You may want to consider the author’s own history, the contexts of the time (historical setting) in which the works were written, or the significance of the settings (where the works are located geographically).
Option #3
Select an author and examine his or her work(s). After doing so, explain in your paper why one of this author’s works should be included as part of the literature read and discussed in an English 1B class. Basically, this is an argument that this author is important and cannot be ignored in a class devoted to examining significant literature and using critical thinking and logical analysis as the basis for that examination. This is not to be written in the first person, and it is not a review.
The format is, as for all college writing, MLA. This, of course, means that all sources, a minimum of four, two of which must be from published critical perspectives on your work(s) or author, will be properly documented and cross referenced with a works cited page. NO WIKIPEDIA, WIKIQUOTES, SPARKS NOTES, OR SIMILAR CRUTCHES. The length of the paper is a minimum of six full pages, excluding the Works Cited page.  
Here is the process we will use:
1. A written proposal
2. Outline
3. 1st Rough Draft – underlines and question marks
4. 2nd Rough Draft – unity and coherence
5. 3rd Rough Draft – editing
6. 4th Rough Draft – proofing
7. Final Draft
No final draft will be accepted without the proposal, outline, and four rough drafts. If you have any questions don’t’ hesitate to ask.
(submitted outline must be typed)
I. Introduction (note: the introduction can be more than one paragraph)
A. Hook (something to draw the reader in)
B. Necessary Background
C. Thesis
D. Plan of Development
II. Body Paragraphs (note: there can be more than three supporting points and supporting points can be more than one paragraph)
A. First supporting point ____________________________________________ 
1. Details__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
B. Second supporting point___________________________________________
1. Details________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
C. Third supporting point __________________________________________
1. Details________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
III. Conclusion (a predominant feeling, impression, or message I want to leave my
reader with about my analysis) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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