Final Project One Submission: Country Profile (Global Health)

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

  Assess the impact of economic, social, and cultural factors on communities and healthcare organizations in the United States and internationally
  Determine the role and influence of key international organizations and stakeholders in promoting global health, service delivery, and healthcare policy
  Analyze data from global and local health organizations for informing health initiative recommendations

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Final Project One Submission: Country Profile (Global Health)
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For this project, choose a country (United Kingdom) and assess its population health and healthcare system. Your country profile should address the impacts of economics, culture, and social factors on population health. You will choose three areas of health study to examine in detail for your country. 


Summarize the implications of each issue identified in your country profile and your overall recommendations for global health and health practitioners as related to the issues.
Synthesize how the three recommendations you made for the identified issues could be used to inform a larger, broader solution to both the chosen country’s overall health-related issues and the contributing factors of the country’s health challenges.

Guidelines for Submission: Your country profile should be 2 to 4 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) with 12-point Times New Roman font,
double spacing, and adherence to the most recent APA standards for formatting and referencing. The paper should have a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources.

** Parts 1 and 2 of project attached for reference***


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