Final report

I am training online with the RSM company in Kuwait as an internship and the website of the company is

Final report is for online internship with the company, and I am going to send a sample (final report spring sample) from previous courses. However, this internship is a bit different because we did it online so make sure when you are writing you keep that on mind. Also, I am going to send all the task that we learned with the instructor and the weekly journals that I wrote about my experience with the online internship. We did one presentation I mentioned in (journal 1) and one assignment I mentioned in (journal 2).

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Final report
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Final report requirement
The final report has to be 2500-3000 words in Times New Roman font style and 12 font size with 1.5 spacing and it has to follow the following outline:
    Introduction – Purpose of the Internship and your Career Objectives
    Description of the Company/Organization where the internship was practiced.
    Description of your Internship
    Summary and Conclusions

The pdf files are the tasks that we learn with the instructor


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