Final report to Music 2 Go Simulation

You will be assigned a grade based on a written report (2 – 3 pages double spaced) completed at the end of the simulation. Occasionally poor decision makers get good results and good decision makers get poor results. The final report helps me see whether you understand the implications of your decisions and what changes you would make for the future.
Answer the following five questions at the conclusion of the simulation (but I suggest you keep track of decision specifics during the simulation run). Please leave the numbered questions intact with your answers and answer each part thoroughly.
Keep in mind that TURNITIN.COM will be integrated into the digital submission to ensure that you do your own work. TURNITIN compares the work you submit with every web site published for over 10 years – and their database includes all the simulation reports sent to me for over 5 years. Therefore – DO NOT try to use someone else’s work in place of your own writing for this assignment.

A) What was your firm’s overall strategy from the beginning? B) Did your strategy change during the simulation?
A) Going forward, what is the single major strength of the firm that new management could leverage? B) What single weakness should be corrected?
Explain the importance of managing each of the four parts of the marketing mix. Reference the way you specifically used each during your run in the simulation. Please label each section E.g. Product Strategies, Promotional tactics, etc.
Is there any area of marketing you wish you had concentrated on more? Why?
What were the learning opportunities for you in this simulation?

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Final report to Music 2 Go Simulation
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