Final US Gov

Part 1
Students will create a individual presentation composed of two parts. The first part will be a 1- 3 pages written research of topic selected by student (from list below) or one approved by instructor related to a current issue in government. This WORD document must be in MLA format. Must use 3 scholarly sources. No Websites. –Books or Journals only. Every source must be properly cited in MLA format. 
Part 2
The second part will consist of a five slide power point presentation covering the topic.  The slide show must be in POWER POINT. ONLY PICTURES GRAPHS OR CHARTS-ONE ONE BULLET POINT ON EACH SLIDE. The assignment calls for 100 points total; 50 points for essay and 50 points for presentation. Presentations will be conducted in our last BB live session.
Guidelines for Presentation Assignments-TWO Parts 1) Written 1-3 page summary MLA format 2) Slide Power Point
1) Student will select topic in American Government. Students must demonstrate mastery of the subject area on which the assignment is being written. 
2) The use of the text should be augmented with additional research, students must use at least 3 references, one of which may be the text.  Additional sources must be well known credible or scholarly sources.
3) References should be correctly sourced in MLA format (please see Purdue Owl website)
4) Assignments should be typed and fully proofed –
5) Late assignments will receive 10 points for every 24-hour period that it is turned in late.
Topics for Presentations
            For each presentation, you may include: (but students do not have to cover all points listed) :
1.         History of the topic and background
2.         Main persons involved
3.         Status (what is going on now with this topic)
4.         Which chapter does it relate to and why
5.         The pros and cons of the situation (not all topics have pros)
6.         How does the outcome affect the future of the U.S?
7.         How do the outcomes affect U.S. citizens?
8.         Which branch of government is most involved and why?
9.         What Constitutional Amendments relate to this topic?
10.       Discuss your analysis and conclusions
Not all of these points have to be included, only those that apply
Guidelines for Presentation
Only 1 students may choose the topic-first come first serve
You must have at least 5 power point slides. 1st  SLIDE: NAME; TOPIC; TIME OF CLASS;
SLIDES #2-5. SLIDES SHOULD ONLY BE GRAPHS, CHARTS, PICTURES You may include video no more than 1 min in length. With one or two bullet points of explanation.

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Final US Gov
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