Fine arts, Performing arts

Before museum curators begin to assemble a show, they have to write a brief vision statement that is used to market the idea to collectors and funding sources. In this assignment, you will write one of these statements for a potential show featuring African art pieces, from any time period. The final proposal should be about 1-2 pages double spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. Please include the images you chose – they can be copied and pasted into the typed document or added as attachments to the assignment. Select three artworks that will be the core of the show that express the theme. You can explore one of the themes we have covered in class or come up with your own. You can use African art we have covered in class or search for new African art pieces on Google. The write up must include: – Title of the Show -Explanation of the theme – Justification for why the theme is important- how the highlighted objects express the theme of the show. Be sure to fully label the art objects with title, culture, date, material, and collection it is located in. Example of a student-curated proposal on photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Fine arts, Performing arts
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