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Discussion 1

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Case Scenario: Rosario is a new kindergarten teacher in a local private school. This is her first teaching job and she is excited to begin to use what she has learned in her early childhood bachelor’s degree program. She learned about state standards in her program, but she is not clear on how state standards should be applied in her position.

Part 1:

Each state has early childhood state standards. Search for your state (Alabama) and locate your early childhood state standards. How could Rosario use these state standards in her kindergarten classroom? Please give specific examples.

Part 2:

Private schools have typically had more freedom in curriculum choices than public schools. How can Rosario discuss with parents the role of curriculum in the private kindergarten as she works to meet the early childhood standards in her state?

Discussion 2

Post should be 200 words

Part 1:

You have many resources on early literacy in this unit. Choose one of the early literacy practices and discuss one educational theory that aligns with this practice. You have resources on educational theory in Units 4 and 5 that you can access to assist you with this question.

Part 2:

Explore the following site below. Choose one policy on early learning discussed on this website and give an example of how this policy impacts early childhood.

U.S. Department of Education. (2016). Early learning. Retrieved from

Discussion 3

 Post should be 200 words

You learned in reading “Excessive Stress Disrupts the Architecture of the Developing Brain: Working Paper Number 3” that there is a science to policy gap, which means that while you know early stressors can negatively affect young children, people as a society are not doing enough to decrease these stressors.

Part 1:

How can you, as an early childhood professional, use what you have learned on the importance of decreasing early childhood stressors to impact your work with children?

Part 2:

What community resources would you advocate for in your own community and why?


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