Forensic Psychology

PowerPoint Presentation of Your Professional Development Plan Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your Professional Development Plan (PDP) using no more than 6–8 slides. The PDP should incorporate elements within your specific Program Tab and must address the following: 1. Where have you been in your life personally and professionally that has brought you to this point? 2. What is your motivation in choosing this career; why did you choose this profession and aspiration? 3. How does your personal and professional community factor in to the realization of your aspirations—what support mechanisms do you have in place to help you meet your goals? 4. What are the things you foresee that might get in the way of your plan, and how will you overcome them as well as help others overcome theirs? 5. Share about your future self. Where do you want to go professionally, and how will you leverage your Walden experience to become this person? What is the best advice you would give yourself now from the point of success when you finish?

 Make use of the Notes section within PowerPoint to provide the details of your presentation

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Forensic Psychology
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Your presentation should be explicit in its detail about what you plan to do at Walden to meet your personal and professional goals.


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