formulating a research question

from the following topics, formulate a research question, what topic did you choose and why? Use the four Ws—who, what, where, and why—to think about how to define and narrow your area of inquiry.
General Psychology – Addictions Focus

-Are problems like workaholism and compulsive Internet use diseases?
-What are best practices in treatment for individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds?
-What are the best treatments for individuals who have comorbid problems, that is, substance abuse plus another diagnosis?
-What can be done to prevent substance-related disorders among baby boomers using prescription drugs now and as they age?
-Validity and reliability of the disease model of addictive behavior

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formulating a research question
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General Psychology – Health Psychology Focus

-Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)
-Psychology’s role in preventive medicine
-Alternative medicine or complimentary alternative medicine (CAM)


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