formulating leadership

Your company’s Vice President of Human Resources has approached your team for assistance in recruiting and developing your organization’s future leaders. Sixty percent of your company consists of millennials, and your team has been charged with how to successfully increase the number of millennials as leaders in your organization.
At this time, senior management is reluctant and disinterested in promoting millennials to leadership roles. You created your plan in Week 2 Part I of this assignment. Now, you are expected to develop a presentation for your senior leadership that will motivate them to encourage millennials to become leaders in your organization.
Re-examine your plan from Part 1
Create a 10- to 15-slide (does not include the title and reference pages) Microsoft® PowerPoint® (review the attached Sample Power Point guidelines above) presentation with detailed speaker notes on each slide that contain the following components:

Determine how to cultivate and develop millennials as leaders. 
Include the pathway necessary to accomplish this goal by identifying the objective(s), methods of achieving the objective(s), and ways to measure success.
Evaluate how transformational leadership may assist developing millennials as leaders.
Include one 2 minute video (from YouTube of the university library) embedded within a slide that supports a key point in the presentation.
Showcase some of the best practices used by companies in order to prepare future leaders.

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formulating leadership
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Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources including the text book, Management Roles: Leading video below and external peer reviewed sources. A citation should not exceed 40 words in length


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