Future of Open-Door Policy in Community Colleges

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Open-door admissions—or the ability to serve every adult who can benefit from instruction— has been debated. In some of the popular community college publications, some community colleges evaluate the positives and negatives of maintaining an open-door policy.

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Future of Open-Door Policy in Community Colleges
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Read the following case scenario and express your opinion on the decision by the university. Justify your response by referencing the readings and citing specific arguments found in them.
Case Scenario
You receive a letter from the president of the nearest state university, the major transfer institution for your students. The letter informs you that, because of state funding reductions, the university will limit the number of transfer students it admits so it can preserve seats for deserving freshmen. In addition, the grade point average for students transferring from community colleges will be increased from 2.75 to 3.25 beginning next fall semester.

What issues does the scenario create? What leadership competencies are involved? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions would you take? Are there lessons to be learned? (Boggs & McPhail, 2016, p. 41).
Boggs, G., & McPhail, C. (2016). Practical leadership in community colleges: Navigating today’s challenges. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.


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