Gendered Vulnerability: LGBTQ+ & Psychological Impact

1. What are some of the unique challenges that LGBTQI individuals face in the aftermath of disasters? Does that vulnerability change based on gender presentation and gender identity? Does it change when we add intersectional identities of race, class, age, and ability? Use at least three examples from the texts to support your answer.
2. List and explain the differences in psychological impacts reported by men and women. What factors increase this vulnerability, and what acts as protective factors? 
3. LGBTQI voices are noticeably missing in textbooks discussing gender and disaster. How can we better utilize feminist frameworks to support the queering of disaster policy, research, and response?

 Lost in the Chaos”; Dominey-Howes et al. “Queering Disasters”; Gorman-Murray et al. “Listening and Learning”; Parida “Disasters and Women’s Mental Health”; Orui et al. “Changes in Suicide Rates in Disaster Stricken Areas”  

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Gendered Vulnerability: LGBTQ+ & Psychological Impact
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