Global Citizens Assignment – Final Paper NEED TURNED IN BY 7/23/2020 11:59PM

Research and find an artist or group that is combining an international music with jazz to create a new Jazz sound.  Limit your research to music  created in the 21st Century (since the year 2000.) Pick  a culture or country whose music you would be interested in learning  about and see if you can find an artist or group who is combining that  music with Jazz music to create a new Jazz sound. BE SURE YOU FIND A  JAZZ ARTIST OR GROUP THAT IS COMBINING AN INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AND JAZZ, TO CREATE A NEW JAZZ SOUND.  There are a number of examples of non-jazz artists using international  music in their folk music, rock music, hip hop etc.., so be sure your  choice of artist/group is a JAZZ artist. The artist can be an American  that is using International music as an influence or it can be an artist  who is from another country that is an accomplished Jazz artist who is  exploring combining music from his/her culture with Jazz.  Be SURE the  artist is a Jazz artist and the specific music project you write about  is a combination of Jazz and an International music style.
This assignment is requires you to do collegiate level  research to find an appropriate artist who has a specific  project/composition(s) that combines Jazz and an International music.
Example:  an online search for “Traditional Japanese  music and Jazz” produced a large number of entries, and some were useful  in suggesting some artists that are combining the 2 styles of music to  create a new Jazz based music.

Write a 1000-1500 word paper ( this is the body of the  paper, not including the discography and references, etc..) which  describes the artist/group and their music.  (NOTE: word count is the  least important part of the grading of this paper. Any paper that covers  all of the requirements will be at least 1000 words, this is just a  suggestion so that you don’t feel like you have to write a LONG paper.   The content, quality of writing, inclusion of required information and  following the writing style guidelines are the most important part of  this paper). The paper should be well written, following general rules  and formatting for a Research Paper (see suggested format below).  Citations should be in MLA or APA format. You can get help and  information about writing a Research Paper from the USF Writing Center.

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Global Citizens Assignment – Final Paper NEED TURNED IN BY 7/23/2020 11:59PM
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Use your research to write a description of the  artist/groups concepts and ideas for combining the international music  with Jazz. It is important that find descriptions of the concepts and  ideas from the artist and/or reputable experts reviewing the  project/composition. You need to do significant research to be able to  write about the ways the artist or group is combining the international  music elements with Jazz elements to create the new music.  Be sure you  write about a specific composition or musical project (can be a whole  album.)
Include your own description of what you hear in the music. Describe the ways the music moves you.
Include a general description of the artist/groups, what  they are known for and other relevant projects/recordings they have  produced. Include a selected discography as part of your  reference citations. A discography is a list of important recordings by  the artist or group.  (You can find examples of discographies online.)  You need to include the artist/group name, title of the recording,  record label (company), year it was released, and important personnel on  the recording.
Include information about the recordings you write about: 

Date released
Record label
Musicians on the recording
How readers can find this music (purchase, listen, etc)


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