Global Warming

Write an essay reflexioning about the Global Warming crisis based from the New York Times Bestseller book mentiones below

¨An inconvenient truth the crisis of global warming ¨

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Global Warming
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Author. AL GORE.

Topics to include in the essay

· Earth´s climate is changing as a result of…

· We are witnessing awful Hurricanes.

· Human being are the main cause of the problema…..

· Glaciers are vanish, melting in the Alps…..

· Artic and Antartica two places especiallly vulnerables…

· The Ends of the earth… the North and South Pole

· Crisis vs oportunity….

· High temepratures as a consequences… a result dry out soil, wild fires carlifornia…..

· Minimus 600 words double space. Time New Roman 12 font.

· Due date 01/07/2020…24 hours from time posted.


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