For the Assignment, you critically evaluate the academic writing of others. Through such critical evaluation, you can improve not only the quality of your own work but also the overall quality of work in your field of practice. As you complete revisions to your paper this week, you also employ other skills central to the practice of scholarship: receiving feedback, critically reflecting upon it, and incorporating that feedback into your work. Receiving constructive feedback on one’s work can sometimes be difficult, but you reap benefits from the insight of your Walden Instructors on this Assignment and those you will complete throughout your program. Your continued commitment to critical self-reflection and improvement likewise make you an asset to the scholarly profession.
To prepare:
Review the feedback you received from your Instructor in Week 3 on the draft of your Evaluating Scholarly Writing paper.
Go to the Walden Writing Center and login to Grammarly using the login you created in Week 3; submit your paper to Grammarly.
Implement the corrections from your Grammarly report.
By Day 7
Submit a final version of your paper that incorporates your Instructor’s feedback and corrects the issues noted in your Grammarly report.

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