“Hidden Intellectualism” essay

In a well-organized essay between 800 and 1100 words plus Works Cited, explore Graff’s concepts in the “Hidden Intellectualism” essay and apply them to one of your own areas of interest.  In other words, “intellectualize” an area of interest you possess that has allowed you to gain knowledge that could be considered “academic.”    Make comparisons to his essay that help support your argument as well as outside sources that relate to the topic you choose to write about.  Discuss how this interest helped develop and improve your intellectual ability.  Consider how it is helped you academically and perhaps even professionally and/or in your personal life.  •Use MLA format & cite works throughout your essay.
•Remember that the Works Cited page is NOT included in your word count.
•Use at least 3authoritative sources; you must use the Graff essay as a source, and I encourage you to utilize SF library database.
•Show your ability to summarize and paraphrase your sources.
•Be sure to incorporate various opinions, expert, general, &/or personal as well facts, examples, and statistics.
•Write in present tense; use active verbs.
•Be descriptive and utilize academic language.
•Consider class discussion and essay examples when you are figuring out how to approach your essay.
•Go to the Learning Commons! 
 •Consult proofreading checklist and grading rubric before submitting.

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“Hidden Intellectualism” essay
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