History Question 7

No later than the fourth day of the academic week, please respond to this thread by writing a thorough and thoughtful essay that answers one of the following questions: 

Who was the better inventor, Edison or Tesla, and why?

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History Question 7
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For this question, refer back to the Week 4 reading, “Science and the Art of Perspective.” How might one relate Einstein’s theory of relativity to mathematical perspective in art?
Select one invention or innovation from the period under discussion this week. How did it transform the daily lives and the worldview of lower class, middle class, and upper class people, if at all?  

Your Initial Post is expected to be a 300 word prose essay, with a thesis statement and 2-5 paragraphs supporting and explaining the thesis. Remember to base your response on information and analysis from the readings. Cite the information and analysis you provide. For this Discussion, it is not necessary to cite the required readings if your topic is not included in them. But do cite credible sources. Explain what you learned in your own words, and do your best to synthesize the authors’ analyses into your own original analysis; do not rely exclusively on quotations from the readings to make your points. Please change the title of your post to something unique. Note which question you choose to answer. 
Your Initial Post should be up by the fourth day of the academic week. 
So that our discussion is thoughtful and sustained, each peer response must be at least 100 words in length. Your Peer Responses should be posted by the last day of the academic week.


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