HN521 Discussion 6

Family Resilience to Promote Positive Child Development
Understanding  the biological, social, and emotional principles that affect families  over their lifetime is important for human services professionals. In  order to develop and deliver family services, it is necessary to  recognize and understand various characteristics of family households  and learn how they impact resiliency. Please use your readings and  research peer-reviewed journal articles in the Purdue Global Library to  support your post.
Please respond to the following:

Analyze  the biosocial systems principle, “the whole is greater than the sum of  its parts,” as it relates to family resilience. How does this impact the  type of services that a human services professional should deliver?
Provide  a brief description of the RPM3 model and discuss the importance of  modeling, mentoring, and monitoring in the development of family  resilience.

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HN521 Discussion 6
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