Complete exercise described on page 5 (Martin).  Look for online postings for jobs related to Human Resource Management

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Desired Characteristics for the Perfect Candidate: Write desired characteristics for the perfect candidate for this job. Tip: Look beyond the actual written words. 
Follow the example on pages 6 – 7.

Perfect Phrases: Write at least 4 perfect phrases describing the desired characteristics for the perfect candidate for this job. Tip. Follow example on page 8.

Key Words: Find key words and phrases for the position in Human Resource Management. Tip: read pages 9 – 10. Make a list of key factors for this position.  See example on p. 11.

Eight Word Mistakes Candidates Make in Job Interviews: Read pages 16 – 20. Select 2 mistakes that you have made during an interview and describe how you would correct such mistakes.

Preparing for Follow Up Questions. Read pages 22 – 24.  Describe how you would prepare for follow up interview question.

HR Manager. Think of yourself as the hiring manager for a position in HR.  How does this exercise help write job postings? 
Follow the format under Helpful Links & Tools.
Use APA for references and citations.



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