Assignment 2
Please read ALL directions below before starting your assignment. You may find it helpful to print a copy and cross off or highlight as you complete each expectation. Good luck! 
HRMN300 Assignment 2 – Summer 2020

Please submit your assignment as an      attachment in your assignments folder. 
Your assignment cannot be accepted via      messages, email or conferences. 
You must submit to the assignment link by      the due date stated in the syllabus for credit. A missing assignment will      be assigned a 0. 
Respond to all three questions below on a      new, blank word processing document (such as MS Word). 
Develop each answer to the fullest extent      possible, discussing the nuances of each topic and presenting your      arguments logically. 
In addition, include citations from the      class content resources in weeks 1-6 to support your arguments. 

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Each answer should be robust and developed       in-depth. 
You are expected to demonstrate critical       thinking skills as well as an understanding of the issues identified. Some       questions may also require personal reflection and practical application       Your responses will be evaluated for content as well as grammar and       punctuation. 
All writing must be your original work. PLEASE do not copy or quote anything. Sources are just that, a reference. Once you locate       the information, read and interpret the data. What does it mean to you?       Type your own thoughts and own words. Then, include in-text citations       to support your ideas. This is       not a research paper.  

o Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment.

Do not include the original question, only      the question number.
Each response should be written in complete sentences, double-spaced      and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins      on all sides. Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines.      
In addition, you will want to include      citations in APA format at the end of each answer. Include a      minimum of 3 references for each answer. References must be from class      materials. 

Question 1:
Developing employees is different than training employees, though human resource functions often tend to group these activities together. Training and development are not always mutually exclusive, though they do have a different focus. Though training programs tend to be focused on improving employee performance in a current job, they may also be preparing employees for future assignments/jobs. In your own words, describe and provide at least one example of each of the following: 
a) the difference between employee development and training programs; 
b) how training programs can be used to support employee development; 
c) how training and development support career planning.
Question 2:
A) Imagine that you are preparing for your first performance feedback session with your employee. You want the session to be effective for the employee, so he/she will have the motivation and knowledge to improve performance. You also want to provide a valid, accurate evaluation of the employee’s performance. What are the steps that you would take to prepare for the session? What sources of data would you consider? Be specific and complete…I am looking for a detailed plan and not just a couple of quick sentences.
B) Assume the role of the employee. How would you need to prepare for your performance evaluation meeting? 
Question 3:
A) Define and discuss in detail the two types of sexual harassment found in the workplace. Your answer should include the actions employers can take to create a legal defense and the actions a person subject to this type of treatment or who witnesses these actions can take. 
B) Evaluate the sexual harassment policies of your organization and the role of the human resource manager. How were they communicated? How were employees trained? Discuss three ideas to improve effectiveness in reducing cases of sexual harassment. 


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