Human Resource- Business Plan -Due tomorrow morning !

Recruitment Policy 
1. Create a fictitious company that you will be utilizing throughout the course. Write 1-2 paragraphs about your “company” which should include: (a) the name you have given your fictitious company (b) a brief overview of what the company does (its industry, product or services, etc.) and (c) what position you have selected to include in your recruitment plan final project.
2. Write a recruitment policy for your company (no more than 2 pages).
Recruitment Plan 
Conduct a job analysis for the position you selected for your fictitious company and include the following:
1. Job duties to be included in advertisement.
2. Minimum requirements (education & experience).
3. Appropriate salary range for the position.
4. What approach you will take in locating candidates and from where.
5. Selection tests/instruments, if any (written tests, oral tests or job simulation).
6. Locate 4 sample resumes on-line that meet your position requirements. Indicate where you found each of them and why you chose them (i.e. how do they stack up against the job requirements).
Pre-Screen Evaluation 
Create a pre-screen evaluation form that includes at least five pre-screen questions you will ask the candidates for the position you created for your fictitious company and a section on how you would evaluate/rate them.
Interview Plan 
Create an interview plan for the position you created for your fictitious company that includes:
1. Who will participate in the interviews and why?
2. What type of interview(s) will take place and why?
3. Five sample questions that will be asked of each candidate. For each question, include what type of question it is and what you are trying to assess by asking it.
4. An interview summary assessment form.
Offer, Onboarding, and Orientation 
Create an offer and onboarding and orientation materials for the position you have been recruiting for the position you have been recruiting for your fictitious company. You should include the following documents:
1. An offer letter for the candidate chosen for the position.
2. An onboarding plan for the position’s new hire.
3. A summary of what topics you would cover in an orientation presentation for the new hire.

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Human Resource- Business Plan -Due tomorrow morning !
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