Human Resource Initiatives Review and Plan

Human Resource Initiatives 
Review and Plan

Annotated Bibliography (module 4)

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Human Resource Initiatives Review and Plan
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We will complete an Annotated Bibliography utilizing our primary or secondary research topic.  The 5 sources researched and cited for our Annotated Bibliography must be utilized within our primary or secondary research paper.

Primary or Secondary Research Assignment (Module 5)

Primary research for this assignment can be in the form of a personal or telephone interview.  With COVID-19, please utilize technology to conduct your interview, so the interview is not face-to-face (teleconference, video conference, etc.).  The person must be an expert in the human resource field, someone who has first-hand experience with the initiative or issue, reporting of direct observation from you in a researcher role or a human resource role.
Secondary research does not require an interview and we continue to gather data by utilizing existing research.
Topic: Human Resource Working Through the COVID-19 Pandemic
Topic Selections:

Remote Working Plan (telework)
Business Continuity Plan
Managing Employee Communication
Maintaining Organizational Culture
Talent Acquisition and Retention
Engaging Remote Employees
Essential versus Non-Essential Employees
Implementation of COVID-19 Preventative Measures
Considerations to Remain Open or Re-Opening
Investment in Technology
Handling of Sick Leave and/or Time-Off

Our paper must select a minimum of 5 COVID-19 HR related topics.

Person to interview
Consider the COVID-19 learning objectives or concepts of interest to research
5-6 page paper demonstrating an understanding of Human Resource application of course concepts
A minimum of 6 references

We must use a minimum of 3 references from our Annotated Bibliography. 
We must use information from the course textbook to support your paper.  
Find additional peer-reviewed journal articles from Welder Library E-Resources or Google Scholar to support your paper (minimum of 5). Your articles must be within the last 10 years. 

Paper Requirements:
Write a 5-6 page paper demonstrating an understanding of the application of course concepts. A good rule of thumb is to introduce the subject discussed and use the information from your interview to support the subject. You must include citations from the course textbook and a minimum of four scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (from Welder Library E-resources) to support your paper. Also, make sure how to review how to cite an interview in APA.  (Links to an external site.)

Your paper is required to be in APA. 
Include a title page 
You do NOT need an abstract
Avoid first person. 
Include a reference page with a minimum of 6 sources (the course textbook and 5 peer reviewed journal articles). If you list a source as a reference,  you must include an in-text citation within your paper for that source.v


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