Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management— Midterm

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Human Resource Management
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Time due: 12 PM 7th January, 2020 ( Beijing Time)

1. What is human resource planning? How does it relate to other human resource management activities?

2. How can an HRIS help organizations respond to today’s pressures to reduce costs and be more efficient?

3. Describe the pros and cons associated with outsourcing most of your organization’s HR functions to an independent vendor for a contract period of 10 years.

4. What factors would affect your choice of an HR planning system? What factors would influence your choice of forecasting methods?

5. Assume that your organization wants to retain senior employees who might otherwise want to retire. What incentives and other retention techniques should you use to keep these valued employees? Explain.

6. Why should organizations keep their skills inventories up to date? Explain.


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