Humanities Research Paper

P2–Research Paper #2
Time Era: c. 700s AD-c. 1550s AD
Research Paper Requirements:
A clearly stated thesis in the beginning of the paper, your 4-5 points clearly stated within.
Analyze 4-5 significant points about your topic and how it influenced  history in the era of your research. Stay on these points throughout  the paper.
Have a solid and clear conclusion.
5-7 full pages, 11-12 pt. font, double spaced (This does not include the BIB).
Use 4-6 academic sources (articles and books), 1-2 books/chapters required,
            articles must be from academic peer reviewed journals.
 (NO: textbooks, book reviews, encyclopedias, .com, political .orgs, or the like)
Do not use the web except for first stage research-then go find a  college level academic book or article through our library and its  databases.
Use 1-2+ footnotes per page-Chicago Style citation
Have a bibliography at the end
Upload to Canvas on time for full credit.
NO Plagiarism of any kind-cheating will result in an “F”
Good Luck! 
Please read the rubric, sample paper, and writing guide on balancing narrative with analysis.
Rubric for Historical Analysis Paper.docx
See the sample for formatting footnotes and the Bibliography. To  create footnotes in Word; Click on References, then click on Insert  Footnote, then follow the format of the sample paper.
J. Massey p1 Greek coins-1.docx
Read the very short guide below on analysis style of writing. 
GUIDE TO GREAT HISTORY PAPERS Narrative vs Analysis-1.pdf

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Humanities Research Paper
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