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Student Name

Ravali Kethiri


The world today is at the midst of changing computing and technological revolutions that

will considerably impact the lives of the citizens while potentially redefining different aspects of

human life. I am excited at the prospect of dedicating my professional expertise to such a

dynamic and fast-paced industry. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by emerging computer

applications and I have always loved experimenting with different computing techniques.

Additionally, much of my upbringing has corresponded with emerging trends in the computing

industry and hence I am positive that the industry is yet to be flooded with immense innovations.

Hence, it was natural for me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science as my

major at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, India. Presently, it remains to

be my primary goal to proceed with my studies in a more elite, international and competitive

environment that can only be identified either in the United States or in the UK.

The United States, therefore, remains to be one of the most logical destinations for my

graduate studies in Computer Science. Such is because the United States remains to be the chief

driver in computer innovations marked by multiple innovative and successful industries in the

computing industry. Hence, I am looking forward to getting an admission into the Masters’

Program in Computer Science which commences in the next semester. I am certain that I am

well equipped for the coming challenges that come with taking a graduate degree owing to my

vast academic and practical skills.

My undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru

Technological University Hyderabad, India introduced me to a wide array of computing and

engineering subjects. Some of the courses that I best identified with were Artificial Intelligence

(Robotics), System Programming, Digital System, Programming Languages, Computer


Simulation, and Modelling. These subjects in specifically equipped me with a solid base in the

different theoretical concepts pertinent to the Computer Science course. Besides providing both

breadth and depth, these subjects nurtured in me a strong perspective on the significance as well

as relevance of the Computer Science course in combating real-life problems. It is as a result of

this, that I came to the realization that Computer Science poses a significant impact to the society

especially at a time when virtually all sectors are transitioning from a manual to a more

computerized system. Therefore, I am looking forward to adopting and learning about new

emerging technologies while remaining extremely enthusiastic about pursuing my graduate in

Computer Science to better understand the advanced concepts of Computer Science.

My education background has equipped me with an array of practical skills and

knowledge that will greatly come in handy when pursuing my masters’ course abroad. For

example, while in high school, I was very good at the sciences and mathematic subjects and also

during this time, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by instructors who quickly identified my

interest in these subjects and went ahead to encourage me to broaden my scientific understanding

while tapping on my analytical skills. It was largely as a result of their guidance and advices that

I settled for Computer Science and Engineering at the undergraduate level. While pursuing my

bachelor’s degree, I realized that my interest gravitated towards programming and system

analysis and backed by my solid background in mathematics, I excelled well in all subjects

relating to differential equations, calculus, and statistics. Besides, my expert knowledge in

computer science, I hold in high regard a great appreciation for the depth of the computing field

and the endless possibilities it continues to offer every day.


Aside from my academic background, I have also been engaged in multiple

extracurricular activities and assumed new and challenging experiences in a bid to push myself

beyond and to broaden my horizons. For instance, during my last summer holiday, I embarked

on a self-sponsored vacation to tour Europe all by myself. This was a new and challenging

experience especially having been used to the cover of the family nest. All in all, I got to

experience new cultures, to interact with people from various backgrounds and to get a taste of

the outside from my own perspective. The experience played a key role in making more

confident and independent as a person, which will play a key role once I relocate to the United

States to undertake my graduate Program. Additionally, at one time my hometown in India was

wrecked by a natural disaster and I was part of a volunteer team that helped the victims of the

tragedy. I was involved in mobilizing other citizens to contribute money and other basic

necessities and collectively we helped to ensure that all the victims were safely relocated to a

different location. Other than the leadership skills and improved communication etiquette

acquired from the experience, I also acquired new knowledge and understanding of the

significance of community service. Lastly, while in college I worked part-time as the editor of

the school’s monthly newsletter for the computer science department. I was particularly drawn to

this role because it enabled me to network with different people, to obtain an array of new skills

and to acquire new encounters. Hence, this is exactly why I have decided to take up the

challenge of pursuing my master’s degree abroad.

In relation to my future goals, I intend to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired from

my master’s program by applying them to the computing field in my native country back in

India. Generally, the computing field is expanding rapidly and the future remains to be very

bright, hence by pursuing the graduate course and acquiring a strong professional experience in


the same industry from the United States, I expect to have the experience and expertise required

to drive the computing field into a new era. Furthermore, I am surrounded by a strong network of

friends with whom we share the same goals and I hope that we will get the chance to collaborate

on something that will put our nation on the map as an innovative hub.


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