IAH-207-733 (W5)

The Ethics and Politics of Laila Marrakchi’s “Marock”

To stream online the following Moroccan film: 

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IAH-207-733 (W5)
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Marock  (directed by Laila Marrakchi (2005)). 

Requirements of Assignments:
In this week’s discussion, and in preparation for your QUIZ #2, you are asked to participate in the online discussion forum by carefully following the instructions in the Prompt. Share TWO posts for Module 5, in response to the TWO following questions. Two posts must be your individual response to the questions below:

In the film Marock:  What do we know about the identity of the two main characters? Identify one scene in the film that represents interpersonal conflict or tension among two or more characters: Discuss the cause of that conflict/tension/confrontation and how characters attempt to manage it or resolve it?  How does that scene of conflict reflect clashing perspectives on gender relations and interfaith (religion-based) relations? how does the film illustrate class differences or social class disparities?  What characters do you perceive to be socially non-conformist and why? What values do they identify themselves with?
Share three ideas that you consider to be the main ideas or important ideas in the essay assigned for reading this week.


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