Identifying as a African American woman the highest educated group in the United States of America

1.No subheadings throughout essay2. Do not want to end a paragraph with information from a source, so after your citations that end a paragraph, you want to put in some of your own words explaining why you have just provided this information.Essay Reflection ChecklistGo through the Essay Reflection Checklist for Essay #3.Then, write 200 words describing what you learned about your essay from this process, including weak or strong points in your essay and any thoughts about how you could make the essay better.Research ReflectionAnswer ALL of the following questions with a response that totals at least 200 words:What was the final research question that you used?How did you go about finding your sources?How did you evaluate those sources to know they are reliable?Choose one source and describe how you used it to support your thesis.ExpansionImagine that you have been assigned to expand your essay by 200 words.  Find one place in your essay that has the potential for expansion, this might be extending a current paragraph or adding sub-paragraphs.  Then, briefly explain why you have selected this part of the essay, and write the expansion of at least 200 words.Note:  You should NOT add small amounts of words in many places around your essay to total 200 new words.  Please choose one place you can add 200 words.Write a research essay that explores some aspect of identity.  This essay must be at least 1000 words long, and be written in MLA format.For this essay you must use at least three sources.  One of the sources must come from the library database. These sources must be listed on your works cited AND have in text citations.Your essay must contain all of the structures of a proper academic essay.  This essay is not simply an historical essay – you must make an argument about identity that is backed up by your research.  You can consider the following questions to get you started, although you may also develop your own question:What are the primary factors that shape someone’s identity?  Why is it important to understand our identity and be able to articulate it?What is one aspect of your own identity that is really important to you and how has it shaped your life?How does our relationship with identity impact our relationship with society?Choose a prominent figure who has influenced society.  How did their identity influence their success or impact?Be sure to have a strong thesis statement that addresses the word’s impact.

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Identifying as a African American woman the highest educated group in the United States of America
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