Industrial Marketing

Hello, I need a report.  To answer Essay questions: (Please answer any 4 questions of your choice) 250 words per question. The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style. More information is in the file uploaded. 

Describethedifferencesbetweenbusiness-to-businessandconsumermarketingforthefollowingmarketelements:Pricing, channels, promotion, distribution, customer relationship and decision-making.
InB2Brelationshipmarketing,anorganizationseektoestablishandbenefitfromalong-termprofitablerelationshipwithits customers; but in what way is relationship marketing of value to the customers themselves? Discuss
Definethebusinesssegmentsaddressedandpositioningofyourbusinessschoolormarketingprogram.Whatcouldyourschool do to change or improve your target segments chosen? Your positioning?
One-to-one marketing has been a goal for marketers since Peppers and Rogers popularized the idea.* One-to-one marketing is, in essence, treating each customer as a segment of one market and marketing directly to that customer. In business-to- business marketing, how close do you think most companies can come to implementing one-to-one marketing?
Supposethatastartupcompanyisofferinganinnovativeproductthatmanagementhopeswillestablishanewproductcategory. What forces will tend to lead the company to market the product through channel intermediaries rather than directly? What characteristics of an early market will tend to lead the company to market the product directly to final customers?

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Industrial Marketing
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