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Assignment Instructions

Instructions: : After viewing the following Add Text to Image , Clone Tool, How to Use the Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop, and Crop a Photo,  read and complete the step-by-step instructions
Download  the following file from the Supporting Materials:    Files Needed for Scenario 1:  

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information security
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Scenario 1
A friend has asked you to add text and color to a picture of her daughter from a recent ballet recital. She wants to frame it for her daughter’s room.
1. Open Ballerina.psd.
2. Rename the layer to Jenny.
3. Select the Paint Bucket tool and on the Options bar, set the Tolerance to 10. Note: The Paint Bucket tool under the gradient tool. You might have to click and hold the button down for a moment for it to show up.
4. Select the Set Foreground Color tool and select a vibrant color in the Color Picker.
5. Paint the background of the image. If the entire background does not get covered, use the Paint Bucket tool to add color to remaining background pixels.
6. Select the View tab and New Guide to set a vertical guide to the 3-inch mark and a horizontal guide at the 1/2-inch mark.
7. Select the Type tool. Set the font family to Lucida Calligraphy Italic, the font size to 14 pt, and the font color to Black.
8. Just below the intersection of the guides, type “Jenny’s Recital”.
9. On the next line, type “A Celebration”.
10. Save the file as my_ballerina.psd and close the file.
   Download  the following file from the Supporting Materials:     
Files Needed for Scenario 2:


Scenario 2
You’ve taken a picture of the house you just bought and you notice that there are three different color walking paths: white, red brick, and gray asphalt. You want to see how the red brick would look replacing the gray asphalt, so you open it  in Photoshop to try out the effect.
1. Open House_on_lake.jpg in Photoshop.
2. Make a duplicate layer, give it a name of your choice, and ensure it is the selected layer to work with.
3. Select the View tab and New Guide and add a vertical guide at the 12 1/4-inch mark and a horizontal guide at the 5 1/2-inch mark.
4. Select the Crop tool and set crop options to Clear aspect ratio values and Delete Cropped Pixels.
5. Drag from the bottom up to the 5 1/2-inch guide, and then drag from the right to the 12 1/4-inch guide.
6. Commit the crop.
7. With the crop tool still selected, straighten the image and commit the crop.
8. Clear the guides.
9. Select the Clone Stamp tool and clone the dark gray path by using the pixels from the red brick path to replace the gray path with red brick.
10. Save the file as my_house_on_lake.psd and close the file.
  Submission Instructions: Submit the my_ballerina.psd and Lesson 4 my_house_on_lake.psd files created. 


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