Infotmation Governance – GAAP vs GAR

   Write a  2-page essay paper that discusses the topic below.
    Your paper should be in APA format with viable sources to solidify your thoughts presented.
    Your references must not be more than 5 years old and no more than one entity source and no N.D source.
    Wikipedia is not considered a valid source. 
    All references listed on the reference page must have a valid in text citation in the body of the paper.
    This essay must be consistent with graduate level work.
    You are strongly encouraged view the tips in the writing center to ensure your papers are properly formatted.

Topic: Explain the differences between Generally Accepted Recordkeeping (GAR) Vs Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
and provide a use case
All  free of plagiarism/ similarity. There will be serious consequences of zero percent (0%) awarded to such academic violation and the student will be reported to the institution. As a doctoral candidate I expect each of you to utilize every plagiarism checker tools available at your disposal to produce a written paper free and I mean 100% free of similarity/plagiarism free. I look forward to a well written paper. Again your paper must be written in a complete APA format short of that will be reduction of marks, so do not be caught unaware. There will be no second opportunity. Cite your sources using APA writing guide.

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Infotmation Governance – GAAP vs GAR
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