Journal 4

Remember, journal assignments are private and not posted to the whole class.
For journal assignments, you will be asked to answer in your journal a question related to the topic of the module. Entries should be 250-300 words in length. Include citations to the text and to the media referenced in your journal.
I encourage you to work in a document, then copy and paste the document into Blackboard.
(I understand this may cause spacing issues and I will not count this issue against your grade.)
Journal Assignment #4                
Reflect and answer the following question in 250-300 words. (Worth 10 points)
This week you were asked to watch Julian Treasure present “How to speak so that people want to listen” filmed at TEDGlobal (2013). He presents his ideas not only about what one should say, but about how one should say it, to speak more powerfully so that others will truly listen to you.

After watching this 10-minute video, reflect on the following:

What is your speaking style? How comfortable are you in speaking to groups? How comfortable are you speaking to people of authority over you (bosses, etc.)?
How can you speak more powerfully so that your words will be received positively by others? Be specific.

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Journal 4
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How might your speaking style help you in health care? How might it cause issues?


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