Journal Review

Article attached. 

· Discuss five key questions about how to use the Bible in counseling.
· Discuss nine areas in which the Bible influences your practice of Christian counseling.
· Identify key strategies and potential problem areas in using the Bible in Christian counseling. 
A. Integrate faith and spirituality in the counseling process where appropriate in an ethically competent manner.
B. Develop a personal theory of integrative counseling that includes a rationale for the interdisciplinary application of counseling theories, faith, and spiritual principles.
C. Assess client needs in an integrative pattern that is adapted to the client’s Christian religious or spiritual practices.
D. Apply intrapersonal integration and personal spiritual formation to counseling.
F. Discuss various aspects of worldview and how these relate to counseling.

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Journal Review
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Summarize the Journal Article Content – 2 pages
· Summary is concisely worded (but of sufficient length in order to adequately provide a complete review of the article).
· Summary includes all major topics of the article (if the article is a research study, briefly describes hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications).
· Summary is the foundation for the subsequent 2 sections of paper.
Interaction with Journal Article 1 page
· Interaction includes a clearly stated Initial   response to the article,
· Comments about design/methodology (if appropriate),
· Insights gained,
· Reasons for your interest in topic, and
· Future research interest based on topic.
· It also   includes information from other sources outside the article (previous   textbooks, articles, Scripture, ethical codes, etc.) that directly relate.

Application of Journal Article 1 page
· Application is approximately 1 page of text.
Application of the article’s core ideas from the article are related to a specific counseling situation (describe the scenario and counseling issue). 

In your final section (in approximately 1 page) write how you would apply the information you have learned from this article to a particular counseling situation. This could be in a church or clinical session. Develop this section as if you are a pastor or clinician and your parishioner or client has come to you with a problem—grief, depression, substance abuse, infidelity, etc.—and is needing your help. Adequately describe the counseling scenario, including the presenting problem. Draw out concepts from the article and apply the concepts to the scenario as if you were guided only by the content of the article. Show the reader how you are expressly drawing from the journal article in this application section; be sure to cite correctly in current APA format. 

      No grammar, spelling, or   punctuation errors are present. Voice and person are used correctly and   consistently (no second person pronouns).Writing is precise. Word choice is   appropriate.
APA Format Elements
      Citations and format are   in current APA style. Cover page, Citations, Running head, and References are   correctly formatted. Paper is double-spaced with 1-inch margins and written   in 12 point Times New Roman font. An Abstract is not needed


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