leadership and management discussion post

Becoming a Manager
Elaine has worked in the IMCU of a community hospital for 11 years. She is one of the best nurses, and serves as a preceptor and a resource for other nurses on the unit. Elaine has made numerous contributions to the unit. She has presented training classes, in-services, and booklets. Elaine has been the day shift charge nurse for 5 years.
In January, the unit manager decided to retire. The IMCU manager position was posted. A very unpopular nurse from another unit bid on the position, as well as a nurse from another hospital. The staff has approached Elaine, imploring her to bid for the job. They tell her she will be a terrific manager, and they all love her. Elaine is very happy with her job, but she knows that things will change with a new manager.
After serious deliberation, Elaine bids on the position. Her qualifications are undisputable, and she is offered the position. She is warned, however, that her relationship with her co-workers will not be the same. She has long been a leader, but she must now see herself as a manager. Try to imagine that you are Elaine:

What steps will you take to initiate this change?
How will you establish your new position with the staff?
What type of management/leadership style would you employ?
How do the “Cores of Credibility” apply to your new role?

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leadership and management discussion post
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Your response should consist of complete sentences and should be at least one complete paragraph, but it should be no more than three paragraphs in length.
Post your individual responses by the end of the day on Friday of Module 2.
Read the postings of other students, and thoughtfully respond to at least two other student postings by end of the day on Sunday of Module 2.
Please click the Grading Information button, then the View Rubric button to the right of the discussion board window for grading criteria.


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