Leadership Assignment – 2020

In an essay format, please write about your newly developed definition of leadership.  Please proof read and spell check your work.  Errors in spelling and grammar will cause points to be deducted at .3 per error.  Please use and credit all cited sources in the body of the text and with a reference list at the end (APA style).   All documents must be completed/submitted in Microsoft Word. 
There is no minimum/maximum number of words. Use 12 -point font and double space. These essays usually run from 6 – 10 double spaced pages.  You must be thorough in covering the points of the essay. Be sure to cover the points below and weave them together in a narrative as opposed to a chopped-up, list of bulleted responses. 
Point #1: Using your text, information from class discussions, other readings, journals, observations, etc., give your definition of leadership both as you wrote it at the beginning of the semester and now as you have enhanced/changed your perspective. 
Point #2: Identify and describe the key concepts in your new definition and discuss why they are important to you.  Please describe the theories which support it. (Cite all works used.) 
Point #3: Building from the new definition, attend to these course topics and determine the influence they now have on your development as a leader.  
  Ethics and values   Women Leaders / Global / Multicultural Leadership   Structural Racism   Authentic Leadership Servant Leadership Adaptive Leadership   Followership Teams   Behavior styles Motivation    What you learned from your group observations What you learned from the leader interviewed What you learned from the outside book you read Transformational Leadership Situational Leadership 
Point #4: How has your definition of leadership changed from the one you gave at the beginning of class and why?   
Point #5: Describe your leadership journey from this point, identifying how you will apply this definition, and what additional learning and development you hope to achieve in the next five years. Be specific. 
My original definition: 5/30/2020
My current definition of leadership is the act of leading a group of people or an organization. 

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Leadership Assignment – 2020
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