Leadership Development Essay/ Assigment For MSc

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Complete the details marked in the coloured text and leave everything else blank. Where appropriate, copy and paste your submission after the first pages as indicated. You are reminded of the University regulations on cheating. Except where the assessment is group-based, the final piece of work which is submitted must be your own work. Close similarity between submissions is likely to lead to an investigation for cheating. You must submit a file in an MSWord or equivalent format as tutors will use MSWord to provide feedback including, where appropriate, annotations in the text.

Student NameDo not complete if subject to anonymous markingReasonable Adjustments
Student NumberCheck this box [x] if the Faculty has notified you that you are eligible for a Reasonable Adjustment (including additional time) in relation to the marking of this assessment. Please note that action may be taken under the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure against any student making a false claim for Reasonable Adjustments.
Course and Year
Module Code
Module Title
Module Tutor
Personal Tutor
First Marker Name:First Marker Signature:Date:
Feedback: General comments on the quality of the work, its successes and where it could be improved
Provisional Uncapped Mark Marks will be capped if this was a late submission or resit assessment and may be moderated up or down by the examination board.
Feed Forward: How to apply the feedback to future submissions
Quality and use of Standard English and Academic Conventions
Spelling ErrorsStyle is ColloquialStandard is a Cause for Concern
Grammatical ErrorsInappropriate StructureIf the box above has been ticked you should arrange a consultation with a member of staff from the Centre for Academic Success via Success@bcu.ac.uk
Punctuation ErrorsInadequate Referencing
Moderation Comments (Please note that moderation is carried out through ‘sampling’. If this section is left blank, your work is not part of the sample.)
Moderation is done via sampling. Your work was not part of the sample.
Moderator Name:Moderator Signature:Date:

Marking Criteria – Please study this page carefully

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Leadership Development Essay/ Assigment For MSc
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0 – 39%Fail40 – 49%Fail50 – 59%Pass60 – 69%Strong Pass(merit)70 – 79%Very Strong Pass(distinction)80 – 100%Exceptionally Strong Pass(distinction)
Criterion 1Mark:
Criterion 2Mark:
Criterion 3Mark:
Criterion 4Mark:


0 – 39%Fail40 – 49%Pass3rd50 – 59%Pass2:260 – 69%Pass2:170 – 100%Pass1st
Criterion 1Mark:
Criterion 2Mark:
Criterion 3Mark:
Criterion 4Mark:


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