Leadership Personal Model

Creating a Personal Model of Leadership


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Leadership Personal Model
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You will create a personal model of leadership based on your research and reflections on what you learn throughout this course.

What is a personal model of leadership?

Leadership is an important dimension of personal growth and development. Developing leadership qualities is a complex process that involves much more than simply selecting an appealing leadership model or participating in leadership training. Creating a satisfying personal model of leadership, which reflects one’s values and beliefs and impacts how one affects organizations, communities, and society, is a lifelong process.

What approach should I take to complete my personal leadership model?

Building a personal leadership model can be approached from both a systematic and holistic perspective. It also requires creativity, passion, and a framework that leaders can use as they explore various models of leadership over their lifetimes. The process of creating a personal model involves continuously exploring and analyzing various leadership models. You will find certain elements of these models appealing and might choose to integrate them into your own model. Others you will not want to include. It is important to weigh the elements against your own system of values and beliefs and select the ones that will most enrich your own model and the lives of those whom you lead.

What do I use to develop my personal model of leadership?

As you explore various leadership models, utilize the table provided below to breakdown, select, and record their appealing elements. You will complete the table as you move through the process of developing your leadership model throughout the course. This table will serve as a starting point or outline as you think through your personal model of leadership and write your paper.

How do I develop my personal model of leadership?

Creating a leadership model involves the following:

1. Select the basic values that will provide the foundation and identify the leadership behaviors that will result from those values. As you select values for your own model, link each one you choose to one of these following four perspectives:

a. Values that guide you from an individual or “I” perspective.

b. Values that guide you from an interpersonal perspective.

c. Values that guide you from an organizational perspective.

d. Values that guide you from a societal perspective.

2. Identify a clear approach for creating a sense of meaning and purpose, including contributing to society. You will consider why the values you selected are meaningful and how you can utilize them to contribute to the greater good. Also, identify the impact of one’s contributions to self, others, organizations, and society. You will consider how the behaviors that result from your foundation of values impact the world around you in a positive and meaningful way.

Two Parts to Creating Your Personal Model of Leadership

Essay 1:

Select values from the “Rokeach Values Survey” that will provide the foundation of your model and discuss the leadership behaviors that will result from those values (850-1,000 words). Be sure to select values for each of the following four levels: individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal. You will complete the “Rokeach Values Survey” located in topic materials to assist you in selecting your values.

Essay 2: Rokeach Values Survey Reflection – see last 2 bottom pages below for survey answers

1) Utilize the “Rokeach Values Survey” to help you determine your values hierarchy, which will assist you in the development of your personal model of leadership. Note that when the instructions mention a box, it is referring to the space/line beside a value. After ranking the values according to the instructions, identify your top three terminal values and your top three instrumental values.

2) Submit a 500-word reflection that identifies your values hierarchy and explains the significance it might have on your leadership style. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

Is there an example that I may follow to craft my leadership model?

Below are definitions and an example you can follow as you use the provided table to think through and develop your own personal model of leadership.


Values and beliefs: A value or belief describes something that is important to you. It fits into the sentence: “I value…” Examples include integrity, respect, trust, high performance, making an impact, and a clean environment.

Behaviors and action: A behavior describes the visible actions that demonstrate (or are based on) a value. For example, if you believe in “trust” as a value, then the behavior may be, “I always keep private information shared with me in confidence to myself.”

Clear approach for creating meaning and purpose: This is the sense of meaning or purpose that you focus on based on your values. So, if you value protecting the environment, you might outline your approach for contributing to an organization that protects wildlife.

Impact: Impact is attaining positive results or improvements in your area of focus. So, if you are working in a wildlife organization, it could be saving the lives of wildlife or protecting a particular ecosystem.

Example Table

Personal Model of Leadership
ValuesLevelBehaviors and ActionsMeaning and PurposeImpact
IntegrityIndividualI follow through with my commitments.I want to be recognized for my integrity.I feel good about my actions and behaviors.
RespectInterpersonalI listen to others with the intent to understand their meaning and feelings.People on my team treat each other with respect.I have a high-performing team that meets or exceeds goals.
High PerformanceOrganizationalI encourage my team to regularly meet or exceed its goals.I define measurable results in a balanced scorecard.My team measurably impacts the organization’s business results.
Protecting the EnvironmentSocietalI am an active member in an environmental group/organization.I improve the lives of wild animals in Arizona by volunteering monthly in an environmental group.Our group saves animals’ lives and preserves ecosystems.

Below is a blank table for your use. Copy and paste it into your own document and begin completing it as you start examining a variety of leadership models. Add to it as you are exposed to more leadership qualities that appeal to you. Utilize your completed table as a resource to draft your own personal leadership model. You do not need to submit this chart with your assignments.

Personal Model of Leadership
ValuesLevelBehaviors and ActionsMeaning and PurposeImpact
Value 1 IntellectualIndividual
Value 2 BroadmindedInterpersonal
Value 3Develop PeopleOrganizational
Value 4WisdomSocietal

Rokeach Value Survey

On the following two pages are two lists of values, each in alphabetical order. Each value is accompanied by a short description and a blank space. Your goal is to rank each value in its order of importance to you for each of the two lists. Study each list and think of how much each value may act as a guiding principle in your life.

To begin, select the value that is of most importance to you. Write the number 1 in the blank space next to that value. Next, choose the value is of second in importance to you and write the number 2 in the blank next to it. Work your way through the list until you have ranked all 18 values on this page. The value that is of least importance to you should appear in Box 18.

When you have finished ranking all 18 values, turn the page and rank the next 18 values in the same way. Please do each page separately.

When ranking, take your time and think carefully. Feel free to go back and change your order should you have second thoughts about any of your answers. When you have completed the ranking of both sets of values, the result should represent an accurate picture of how you really feel about what’s important in your life.

Terminal Values: A Comfortable Life __1___

a prosperous life

Equality _16____

brotherhood and equal opportunity for all

An Exciting Life __12___

a stimulating, active life

Family Security __2___

taking care of loved ones

Freedom _13____

independence and free choice

Health __4___

physical and mental well-being

Inner Harmony __5___

freedom from inner conflict

Mature Love __8___

sexual and spiritual intimacy

National Security _15____

protection from attack

Pleasure _11____

an enjoyable, leisurely life

Salvation _7____

saved; eternal life

Self-Respect _6____


A Sense of Accomplishment _3____

a lasting contribution

Social Recognition _14____

respect and admiration

True Friendship _10____

close companionship

Wisdom __9___

a mature understanding of life

A World at Peace _17____

a world free of war and conflict

A World of Beauty _18____

beauty of nature and the arts

Instrumental Values: Ambitious _1____

hardworking and aspiring

Broad-minded _2____


Capable _6____

competent; effective

Clean _14____

neat and tidy

Courageous __3___

standing up for your beliefs

Forgiving _13____

willing to pardon others

Helpful _17____

working for the welfare of others

Honest _12____

sincere and truthful

Imaginative _18____

daring and creative

Independent __7___

self-reliant; self-sufficient

Intellectual _4____

intelligent and reflective

Logical _15____

consistent; rational

Loving _8____

affectionate and tender

Loyal _16____

faithful to friends or the group

Obedient _9____

dutiful; respectful

Polite _10____

courteous and well-mannered

Responsible _5____

dependable and reliable

Self-controlled __11___

restrained; self-disciplined

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