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Hi I will need this letter re-wrote with word enhancing and some proof of the finding if you can find some FHA laws 

I (XX) and (XX) was told on many different occasions that we was not able to be approved for a loan to build a new home in Mentor Ohio, with Ryan Homes. In the beginning of the process of obtaining a loan I (XX) was told that my debt to ratio was to high, then was told that my home need to be sold ,due to my credit score and FHA loan laws. I was told that I would not be ale to get two FHA loans, was told that I need a letter from my second place of employment even though it was listed on both tax returns, then was ask to sell my house and move with a family member. At this point I explain to the loan officer that this was not a option. With the understanding that I could not get approved I emailed the loan officer and ask her not to take the info to underwriting. I spoke with her and ask her to please return my earnest money at this point. I also explain I will work on my credit and wait till next year to build once my credit is high enough to get a Conventional Loan. I was told that she did not have my funds and that we need to speak with Donna about my earnest money. Now we are asking again for our earnest money back because we do have a FHA loan and know that we cannot get two FHA loans. This process has been very stressful and overwhelming, Dorothy was hospitalize after speaking with you loan officer. 

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