Linux distributions.

 Linux distributions.


This not only takes enormous amount of expenditure as well as valuable human resources. Therefore, most companies opt for outsourcing and take benefit of readymade software packages.

Linux based open source software packages as well as proprietary software are available to choose to suit the requirement. Each of them has their own merits and demerits, which should be analytically weighed before making a decision. Free software are either free of cost or their source codes are available in public domain. As far as an enterprise is concerned it has to train their employees as well as to get constant support from the software vendor. A good IT infrastructure always ensures high return over investments made in it. So the large companies do not care much about the cost involved rather consider its flexibility, reliability and a reliable support system.

In this project we will be discussing about desktop and server edition of three LINUX based implementations, Red Hat, Ubuntu & Novell and the standard Windows based systems. Conclusively, we will attempt to recommend a certain package on the basis of the outcome of such discussion.

While purchasing software for an enterprise operation, the preliminary aim is to assist its employees to automate and enhance the operations of the organisation with least chance for errors. In order to achieve the said goal, imparting adequate training to its employees or to hire trained professionals to apply the system for the optimum benefit of the organisation becomes inevitable. With a view to select appropriate software to suit the requirements, Red Hat, Ubuntu and Novell’s SUSE based OS are being taken into consideration. Indeed the training motivates the employees as well as raises their confidence in using the software to meet the requirements.

RedHat: In terms of trained professionals and certified training program, Red hat tops other Linux distributions.


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