Question 1.
Ozymandias” pp. 522-523 – SPEAKER (PP. 500-503), IRONY (PP. 519-524)
1/ Who is the speaker and what is being described? What is the significance of this scene?
2/ Which kind of irony (dramatic, situation, or verbal) is used in this poem and what demonstrates that type of iroirony? What is the author’s theme or 
Questions 2
 The English Canon” pp. 548-549
1. What criticisms does the speaker have of the traditional English literary canon?
2/ what does the speaker mean when she says, “The trouble is, I’ve spent my life / Getting over the lyrics” (7-8)?
Directions: You may use your book, notes, and any print materials. in each  poem answer one question. Follow the grading formula below for formatting, grammar/spelling, content, structure, and accuracy guidelines. 
 Grading Formula: 
+ Formatting – 1 point – Upper left-hand corner has heading with name, class, date. Upper right-hand corner has last name and page number. The title is centered. Skip lines when writing and leave a one-inch margin for comments. 
 + Grammar and Spelling – 3 points – One grammar or spelling error is a half point deduction. Do not use first or second pronouns. Do not use contractions.
 + Content – 5 points – Construct your answer according to this structure: 
First sentence – 1 point – Answer the question. 
Second sentence – 1 point – Give context for the quote or supporting evidence by describing who is saying it and what is happening.  
Third sentence – 1 point – Present the quote with the “book-ends” formula:  
Who says it, “quote” (paragraph number). 
Fourth sentence – 2 points – Analysis – Explain how your quote supports your answer. 
+ Accuracy – 1 point – Accuracy or quality of answer.  

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