load of war

Please use as much detail and depth as you need to make your point clear to the reader. Your understanding of the characters, the film, and the business ethics concept should be explained using examples and detail from the film. 
As always, be sure you have something to say, say it early and clearly, write it well, and make your quiz look good.
The bottom line is this: I want to be sure you have watched the film, and you understand all of the business ethics concepts we have gone over. The questions on the quiz will show me if you have watched the movie and whether you have gone through the lecture notes.

GRAMMAR ALERT:  When you write the title of a movie, the title is underlined Lord of War or italicized Lord of War.
Here’s why: Tom Hanks is a big movie star. / Tom Hanks is a Big movie star. Big is the title of one of his films – if you write it correctly, people will understand this.
Other examples: Titanic or Titanic (movie) vs. titanic (adjective) OR Forrest Gump or Forrest Gump (movie’s title) vs. Forrest Gump (movie character’s name).

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load of war
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