Logistic Regression Values Paper

Logistic Regression Values

Important Note: This week contains a graded Discussion and an ungraded Collaboration Lab.

This week’s readings discuss conditional probabilities, conditional odds, logits, odds ratios, relative risk, and slopes. These can all be confusing terms but the good news is that all these values have some relationship to each other. Researchers have their own opinions on which values makes the most sense to report.

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Logistic Regression Values Paper
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In a 3-paragraph post, constructa persuasive argument for the value (conditional probability, odds, odds ratio, etc.) that, intuitively, makes the most sense for you to report as a result to your audience. Be sure to provide a specific rationale for your choice.

second part

Read chapters 1 and 2 in the Osborne before you attempt this problem

Research Question:  Do Low SES males have a greater likelihood for developing high blood pressure (hypertension) than High SES males.

Based on the information presented in the assigned chapter readings in the Osborne text, fill-in the following table, and answer the question.  Be sure to back up your conclusions with the statistical evidence.

Blood Pressure Status


Normal BP (0)

Hypertension (1)

Row Totals


Risk Ratio


Odds Ratio



High SES (0)






Low SES (1)





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