1. Discuss the importance of stories in our lives.

What types of stories do you enjoy?
Why are stories important?

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 Write at least one full paragraph.  

 2.Now that you’ve read Walt Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing”, write about your role in our world. Consider the profession that you are aspiring to enter. How will your future job help you, your family, and your society?

As you write, consider the following:
Who are you?
What role will you play in the future?
How will your future job help you grow?
 Write at least one full paragraph.     

3.Both stories are about children learning lessons about life:
 “Salvation” and “The Distance to the Moon”

What lessons are learned by the narrators?
How are they similar and different?
Write at least one full paragraph 

4.What is the overall message of Thoreau’s “Solitude”?
 Consider the term epiphany, which is a moment of clarity and understanding.

Discuss the following:
Is there such a moment in this essay?
If so, what triggers it?
 Write at least one full paragraph 

Please write 4 different paragraph do nor not combine.


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