Managing Organisational Change

Faculty of Business and Law

Bristol Business School

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Managing Organisational Change
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assessment brief: Coursework: Essay

Module Code:UMODML-15-3
Module Title:Managing Organisational Change
Submission Deadline:28th January 2021
Assessment ComponentA
Assessment Weighting:100 per cent of total module mark
Assessment InstructionsEssay Question (total word count 3,000 words plus/minus 10%)Critically evaluate the implementation of a specific case of organisational change. Building on this, reflect on what you can personally learn from this case analysis about change management and how you might benefit from these insights in the future.Guidance – essay format 3000 word (+/- 10%) to submit via Bb as a single word document1. The following five sections give you specific guidance on how to approach this assignment:1. Understand the essay question2. Draw extensively on relevant theories and literature3. Choosing the organisational case4. Use assignment support and formative feedback5. Understand the marking criteriaThis is then followed by general guidance on submission of your essay. This will cover:· Essay format· Word limit· Referencing· Instructions for submission· Final feedback and marks release· Further guidance and support· Personal circumstances1. Understand the essay question:a. This is a single essay that incorporates two interrelated tasks: analysing organisational change and reflecting on its implications. Make sure that you are critical rather than descriptive in approach – this means you evaluate implications and reach judgements. The emphasis should be on discussion, analysis, application and argument informed by theory and literature.b. First, critically evaluate the implementation of a specific case of organisational change. You should not use MyBank or Glenrothes case studies for your organisational analysis. You should draw on relevant literature and academic ideas (e.g. theories, models, and frameworks) from two or three of the Study Units. This should equate to about two thirds of your essay.c. Second, reflect on what you can learn from your critical evaluation of the case study and how you might benefit from these insights in the future. You should draw on relevant literature and academic ideas (e.g. theories, models, and frameworks). You will gain more credit by drawing on additional theory and literature, not merely using the same as in your critical evaluation of the case study. This should equate to about one third of your essay.d. The best essays have something to say. The essay is an argument that shows that you have thought deeply about the issues. Typically, the argument is described early in the essay and then builds throughout the essay with relevant conclusions. A strong argument clearly addresses the purpose of the assignment, has a clear line of thought, and demonstrates sound judgement, critical thinking and is well-reasoned.d. Study Units 11 and 12 focus on understanding the guidance and completing the assignment.2. Draw extensively on relevant theories and literature:a. Use a wide range of literature.b. Integrate relevant theories, using them throughout your coursework – theories should not be in a separate section. You will gain additional marks by demonstrating breadth of reading as well as depth of understanding, so look to draw on new theories and literature in each stage of your essay.c. There are many helpful sources given on Blackboard in the suggested readings for each Study Unit 1-10. You will also gain credit for researching literature beyond the lists provided.d. In your essay you need to demonstrate that you are drawing on relevant literature and themes from at least two study units (do not rely on a single study unit).e. Do NOT select theories and approaches from other modules (e.g. a strategic management approach, business or industry level sources or HRM sources).3. Choosing the Organisational Change Case:This can be from:a. From personal experiences of organisational change perhaps on placement or other work experienceorb. Examples of change management with which you are familiar and about which you have sufficient informationorc. You can generate your own case study from an organisation you have access to (for example through meetings/interviews or a family member etc.). This gives you the option to build your own case based on others’ experiences. Be careful to ensure you can obtain enough details. This may prove to be time consuming to do.ord. A published case study that you source. This can be from those used in the teaching and seminars or other sources. The Study Unit reading lists contain an array of organisational change cases that you can download. If you decide to use a published case study rather than your own experience you need to ensure the analysis is your own work and not a repetition from other sources. If you choose a case from those provided in the teaching remember to use a range of theories and models from the study units 1-10. Do NOT rely solely on sources from the same study unit. Use a range that draws on at least two chapters.e. IMPORTANT: Do remember you CANNOT use the Glenrothes or MyBank. Nor can you use any case study or organisation used in any other level 3 module (e.g. Strategic Management, Business Strategy or another module). This will help you to ensure you are analysing an organisational change focused on the management of change and NOT a business change case or a review of strategic change etc. If you have any doubt, check your choice of case with your seminar tutor.f. You should reference your chosen case once at the beginning of your essay, using Harvard style. After that, there is no need to reference the case again.g. You can choose a case study that describes either successful or unsuccessful change event. Your essay will evaluate lessons about what made, or could have made, them successful.4. Use Assignment Support and Formative FeedbackEvery Study Unit will include some support that helps you to understand the assignment and perform well. This will include how to answer the question, what is expected of you, assistance with writing, and constructing/planning your answers. You will receive formative feedback in seminar discussions and through the formative assignment, which all provide opportunities for you to check your progress. Study Units 11 & 12 will have a specific focus on understanding the whole module and how to do well in the assignment. So please· Attend all seminars· Complete the formative assignment, which gives you the opportunity to build summative assignment skills and gain feedback on the quality of your work.· Start your summative assignment early· Discuss your assignment writing plans and queries with your seminar tutorPlease note: we do not read draft essays but will discuss any issues or question you have.5. Understand the Marking CriteriaAt the end of this document you will find the marking scheme and feedback sheet that contains the detailed assessment criteria that will be used to mark your coursework.Tutors will mark the essay with equal weighting based on the following assessment criteria:· Knowledge and understanding of relevant theories (T)· Analysis linking theory and practice (A)· Critical evaluation and coherent argument (C)Meeting these assessment criteria will require the following:T (Theory)· Relevant theories and models are selected· Read extensively and use a wide range of theories· Demonstrate understanding without describing in detail· Relevant theories are likely to be those covered within the lectures, seminars, recommended readings. You are also expected to add to these sources from your own reading. Remember not to use references from other modules such as HRM or Business, Financial or Industry Analyses.A (Analysis and Application)· Make consistent use of theories and literature to explore and explain key issues in the case study· Demonstrate insight into key issues.· Illustrate your answer with a good range of relevant examples from the organisational change case study and your own experience.C (Criticality) Demonstrate critical thinking. This means making clear arguments that emphasise the relevance and importance of your learnings and insights. For example:· Maintain a focus on answering the question throughout and develop a line, or lines, of reasoning or argument· Introduce your main argument at the beginning of your essay and then develop the details of how you reached this as your essay progresses. Your introduction should also tell us how you are structuring your Part 1 and Part 2 of the essay.· Make points that are evidenced with details from examples from your experience and discuss relevant aspects of your chosen theories/ approaches· Question the applicability and usefulness of the theories and literature: did it help you to analyse the organisational change (Part 1); and your personal change experiences (Part 2)?· Compare and contrast the relevance of your chosen theories/ models. Are they useful in gaining insight?· Comment on the limits and relevance of different theories and models IF they help you answer the question.For full Learning Outcomes and Module Specification use this link UMODML-15-3
GENERAL GUIDANCE ON ESSAY SUBMISSIONEssay FormatAll work should be word processed in 12-point font Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial and double spaced.Please use the following file format(s): .doc / .docx (please note that files submitted in formats associated with Apple Mac computers are not able to be opened, and thus, not able to be marked. It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit your coursework in the appropriate format)Please ensure that you provide the following details on the first page of your coursework:· Student Number· Module Name and Code· Word Count· Coursework question
Word Limit· 3000 words (+/- 10% which is a minimum of 2700 words and a maximum of 3300 words). Writing beyond this maximum limit will not be read or marked· Use the full word count to maximise your marks· Word count includes everything in the main body of the essay (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, acronyms and numbers expressed as digits or in words. etc.)· The reference/ bibliography pages and any Appendix at the end are excluded from the word count.· Appendices are not expected, if you do decide to use appendices remember these will NOT be marked. The marker may or may not refer to the Appendices: do not depend upon material contained in Appendices to develop the discussion in the main body of your essay.You can view the UWE word count policy here:
Referencing:Please ensure you adhere to the principles of good academic practice and ensure you use the UWE Harvard system to reference your work. Failure to properly reference your work to original source material can be grounds for the assessment offence of plagiarism and may result in failure of the assessment or have more serious implications.For further guidance on correct referencing go to: only your own work and do not plagiarise from other sources or students. When you submit your assignment Safe Assign will compare your work to those of other students (current and past) as well as other materials available on internet.Details of what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it can be found here: general guidance on how to avoid assessment offences see:
Instructions for submissionYou must submit your assignment before the stated deadline by electronic submission through Blackboard. Notification that the electronic submission portal is open for your assignment is displayed (usually two weeks before the submission date) in the Coursework tab in myUWE, the Assignment Coursework tab in Blackboard and via an announcement in the Blackboard course.Please allow enough time to upload your assignment, noting that the system becomes busier and slower as the deadline approaches. Only your final upload will be counted. Ensure all your information is submitted at one attempt to avoid ‘overwriting’ your intended submission. Always check and retain your receipts.Late submission in the 24 hours following the deadline will be accepted but the assignment mark will be capped at 40%. Submissions after 24 hours will not be accepted. For full guidance on online submission through Blackboard, see: of coursework by any other method (including a paper copy, on disk or by email) are NOT permissible for this module unless specifically agreed in advance of the submission date.Before submitting your work, please ensure that:· You have proofread you work thoroughly to ensure your work is presented appropriately· You have addressed all the required elements of the assessment· You have referenced in accordance with the guidance provided· You have addressed each of the marking criterion· The submission is in the correct formatSafe AssignMake sure you submit your own work and do not plagiarise from other sources or students. All modules within FBL have the option to use Safe Assign software. Within MOC we use Safe Assign for this coursework. When you submit your assignment, Safe Assign will compare you work to those of other students (current and past) as well as other materials available on internet. UWE will act if Safe Assign suggests your work includes material that is ‘copied’ from other sources.Coursework Submission Deadline– 28th January 2021 by1.59 pm online via BlackboardPlease upload your completed essay and any appendices as a SINGLE Word document
Final feedback and marks releaseStudents will normally receive marks and feedback on their submission within 20 working days of the submission deadline (not including any public holidays or closure days). Any delay in returning students’ work will be communicated by the module leader via Blackboard. Your individual submission will receive comments on your script and feedback on the marking scheme (see below).Additionally, following the release of marks we offer students’ the opportunity to meet on a 1to1 basis with their first marker to build their understanding of their feedback and marks.Feedback and marks for this module should be available by late afternoon on Friday 26th February 2021. We will inform you if there will be a delay.
Further Guidance and SupportGuidance on study skills: from the FBL Academic Success Centre: skills on UWE assessment regulations and terminology: on using the library:
Personal CircumstancesIf you are experiencing difficulties in completing a piece of assessment on time due to unexpected circumstances (for example illness, accident, bereavement), you should seek advice from a Student Support Adviser at the earliest opportunity.Please note the module leader cannot grant personal circumstances or extensions.Appointments with a student adviser can be made via an Information Point or online at: Student Support Adviser will advise as to whether you should submit an application for ‘Personal Circumstances (PCs)’, how to do so and what evidence is required to support the application.Further details on ECs can be found here:

Marking & Feedback Sheet 2020-21

Managing Organisational Change

Student Number: …………………………………………………………….

Feedback From [Tutor’s FULL name and email address here] Date:
Tutors have marked your essay based on the equally weighted T A and C assessment criterion; so, you may see T A and C in your feedback on your script (as the three columns on next page). You will need to read the feedback on your script with a device that supports word documents.Tutor overall comment/ feedbackMain area/s of strength (including what earnt you marks):Two main areas for improvement (what would earn more marks):In addition to the above, the main ways to improve this assignment are:Other ways to improve this assignment:Be more reflective/ analyticTo give your work greater credibility support your assertions with referencesFocus more closely on addressing the question.Link the theory to your own experiences in/with organisations/case study materialDefine the key termsSignpost the reader so that they know how your discussion relates to the questionBe clear so the reader understands the point that you are makingImprove the structure and flow of argumentsCritically evaluate the materialWider reading may have enabled you to have included more critical evaluationLess description of theory and/or experience, more analysis and discussionMore specific examples from practiceAccurate and/or more consistent referencing
Marking Criteria for Managing Organisational Change 2020 – 2021
(All 3 criteria are equally weighted)
80 +Demonstrates an outstanding knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts used.Shows outstanding evidence of reading widely.Outstandingly extensive reference to wide range of relevant literature beyond the core text.Outstandingly insightful analysis that highlights and exposes key issues.Outstandingly extensive integration of theory with practice.Outstandingly well-chosen number and quality of examples.Outstanding evidence of sound judgement, critical thinking and well supported evaluations.Outstanding development of strong, coherent argument.Outstanding address of the purpose of the assignment.Outstandingly adept handling of the material, well-reasoned, with a clear line of thought.
70+Demonstrates an excellent knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts used.Shows excellent evidence of reading widely.Extensive reference to wide range of relevant literature beyond the core text.Referencing is exemplary.Insightful analysis that highlights and exposes key issues.Extensive integration of theory with practice.Well-chosen number and quality of examples.Excellent evidence of sound judgement, critical thinking and well supported evaluations.Development of strong, coherent argument.Consistently addresses the purpose of the assignment.Adept handling of the material, well-reasoned, with a clear line of thought.
60+Demonstrates a good knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts used.Shows good evidence of reading.Reference to a good range of relevant literature beyond the core text.Referencing is consistently accurate.Perceptive analysis that explores important issues.Good integration of theory and practice.Good number and quality of examples used.Good evidence of judgement, critical thinking and support for evaluations.Development of a coherent argument.Addresses the purpose of the assignment.Material is well-handled, with clear evidence of reasoning and narrative thread.Well written with a coherent structure.
50+Demonstrates an adequate knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts used.Adequate evidence of reading.Some reference to relevant literature.Core text and essential reading onlyReferencing is accurate in the main.Reasonable analysis but in places lapses into description of practice rather than analysis.Reasonable integration of theory and practice.Adequate number and quality of examples.Adequate evidence of sound judgement with some attempt at evaluation.Has an argument but sometimes difficult to follow.Generally, addresses the purpose of the assignment.Satisfactory handling of the material, but the reader may sometimes have to work to follow the line of thought.Reasonable structure and written presentation
40+Demonstrates a weak knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts used.Limited evidence of reading.Few references to relevant literature.No more than core text/lecture materialSome attempt at accurate referencing.Some analysis but tends to be descriptive of practice.Weak linkage between theory and practice.Weak or few examples.Poor judgment and some unsupported assertions.Weak argument – not developed.Does address the purpose of the assignment in parts, but often strays off the point.Poor handling of the material and the reader has to work to follow the line of thought.Some structure and/ or weak written presentation
35 +Marginal FailKnowledge and understanding of theories and concepts is very weakLittle evidence of readingVery few references to relevant literature.Inaccurate referencing.Limited analysis and is predominantly descriptive of practice.Minimal linkage between theory and practice.Very poor or very few examples.Some unsupported assertions and value judgments.Little obvious argument.Fails in large part to address the purpose of the assignment.Handling of the material is weak, with little obvious line of thought.No obvious structure and/ or inadequate written presentation.
20+Knowledge and understanding of relevant theories and concepts is extremely limited and almost non-existent.Extremely limited and almost no evidence of relevant reading – including limited from the core text.Extremely limited references to relevant literature.None or extremely limited referencing.Extremely limited mention of application and/or description that is undeveloped.Unclear and extremely limited linkage between theory and practice.Irrelevant or extremely weak examples.Many unsupported assertions and value judgments.Difficult to identify or unclear argument.Overwhelmingly fails to address the purpose of the assignment.Handling of material is very weak, with no obvious line of thought.Unstructured and/ or poorly written.
0+Knowledge and understanding of relevant theories and concepts is non-existent.No evidence of relevant reading – not even the core text.No references to relevant literature.No referencing.No analysis and is void of application.No linkage between theory and practice.Irrelevant or no examples.Mainly unsupported assertions and value judgments.No obvious argument.Fails to address the purpose of the assignment.Handling of material is extremely weak, with no clear line of thought.Incomplete and too brief and/or poorly written to earn more marks


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