Microsoft Project

Perform the tasks requested on MSP file and answer the questions in the word file.
Open the file and save the project as a base line!
1)  Which task or tasks are not on the critical path?
Update the project based on the following information and answer the following questions.
a.  Task 1 is 100% complete
b.  Task 2 is a 100% complete, but the actual duration has been changed to 4 days
c.  Summary Task 1 is 100% complete
2)  What is the project finish date?
3)  By performing the above update on your project, what is the difference (how many days) between the current finish date and the finish date on your original baseline?
4)  Based on your updates, what is the total progress (percentage) on ‘Summary Task 2’? 
5)  Based on your updates, what is the total progress (percentage) on the whole project? 

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